LED Strip Colour Control

We have put together a range of Dual 12/24v Colour Controllers for RGB Colour Changeable LED Strips and LED Tape.

Our Controllers are not limited to 7 colours like most low cost Chinese controllers, but have a minimum of 2.1 Million colours. Giving the LEDs the ability to produces any colour out of the visible spectrum including white and off-whites. With our controllers RGBW is not necessary.

These controllers are manufactured in the U.K and Europe, so are safe and reliable.

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More Information
  • ICELED Flexidriver. With Automatic colour changing over a 90 second period.
  • ICELED Flexidriver+. Speed Control over colour phasing, Hue, Brightness, and Saturation Control. Also includes Sound-to_light mode for sound reactive colour changing.
  • Lightbox. Provides full colour control from your phone via Bluetooth, choose from 16.7 Million colours.
  • Wi-Fi Lightbox for networked lighting using several controllers over distances, with Worldwide control.
  • ICELED DMX. Use the DMX 512 Protocol for use in Nightclubs, Theatres, and Television studios.
  • ICELED ZEN. Similar to the ZEN but self-contained with an Infra-Red Remote Control, sound-to-light function, speed control over colour change, 4 Interactive Zones, and Colour Range / Palette control.

All of these LED Strip and LED Tape Colour Controllers are manufactured in the U.K and Europe for high reliability.