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ICELED Flexidriver

Product Code: ICEFLEX

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Product Description

The Flexi Driver (Colour Driver) is required for our RGB Light Sources to change colour with the capability to display 2.1 Million colours and shades.

It can be used with it's Stand-alone operation for simple colour changing applications. It has the following colour cycle:

Colour Phases

The above cycle is continuous. At any time the colour may be frozen by simply switching the power off briefly and then back on, to un-freeze the colour simply repeat the process.

For additional control a ZAP+ Wired Remote or ZEN with Infra-Red Remote should be used, available in the related items section below.

Product Specification

Nominal Supply Voltage12vdc
Maximum Switched Current5 Amps (per channel)
Maximum "through" current15 Amps
Maximum Load180 watts @ 12vdc
Data acceptedGlobal ICELED
DMX via ICELED Bridge
UFO Tube segment 0, pixel 0
Colours2,097152. 7 Bit 128 Levels
Dimensions of FlexidriverL 65mm, W 50mm, H 15mm