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Wi-Fi Lightbox Pro (IP54) Colour Controller

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Product Description

This is the WiFi Lightbox but enclosed in a protective housing with rubber antenna

The Wi-Fi Lightbox communicates with your Phone, Tablet, PC, or Laptop or any internet enabled device over Wi-Fi using a standard internet browser.

This product enables over 16.7 Million different colours to be displayed including whites, warm whites, pastels to vivid colours.

Any of our LED Mood Lighting Products shown in the 'Suggested Items' section further down this page can be controlled from the Wi-FI Lightbox providing a palette of 16.7 Million colours. Simply select the colour you would like from the on-screen display - this will give you full control over colour, colour intensity, overall brightness and speed control of colour change.

  • Dual Voltage - 12vdc or 24vdc

For customers with lighting in multiple locations the Wi-Fi Lightbox has the facility for independent control or linked control for synchronised colour changing over 2-100 zones at the same time. The speed of colour change can also be reduced to an extremely slow phase which takes hours to cycle through the colour spectrum, a more rapid visible
colour change or any speed between.

The Wi-Fi Lightbox is suitable for controlling our RGB Spotlights, RGB LED Strip and RGB Constant Current LED Strip, our RGB Plinth and Deck Lights etc.

It has the following selectable Modes:

  • RGB
  • RGBW
  • RGB + W
  • 4x MONO
  • White / Warm White (CT)
  • 2 x CT

Where required it can be used as a single colour dimmer with 4 Channel Brightness control. Any number from 1, 2, 3 or all 4 channels can be utilised.

By using mutiple Wi-Fi Lightboxes and Ampboxes (when necessary) lighting can be controlled in different areas from one single Controller.

As with our Lightbox the Wi-Fi Lightbox can be expanded using our Ampbox for control of large amounts of LED Strip Lights, RGB Spotlights etc. - enough for the most demanding customer.

This makes it ideal for use in more ambitious lighting projects in the home such as Home Cinemas, and particularly suitable for commercial uses such as large conference rooms, supermarkets, and shopping centres.

For security the Wi-Fi Lightbox features changeable password protection.

The product is designed and manufactured to high standards in the EU using high quality components.

5 Year Warranty

Phones/Tablets in pictures not included (for illustration purposes only)

Product Specification

Dual Voltage12 – 24V DC
Independent channels4
Maximum current3 A per channel (12A Total)
No. of colours available16,777,216 (16.7 Million)
Colour ModeRGB / RGBW / RGB + W
/ 4x MONO / CT / 2xCT
Dimming method10 bit PWM
Operating temperature0 - 40°C
Dimensions50 × 92 × 28 mm (without antenna), 85 × 230 × 28 mm (with the antenna located vertically), antenna length 197 mm
Connection TechnologyWiFi, 2.4 GHz, compatible with WiFi
Range50M in open space with smartphone or 100M with popular access point, up to 250 m with professional device. May be limited in buildings
InterfaceWeb based, compatible with Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Linux, OSX
Protectionthermal, reverse polarity, ESD
IP RatingIP54 )
Expansion port8 pin 2.54 mm connector
Warranty5 Years
CertificationsCE, RoHS