Dimmers for LED Strips

The most cost effective way to control the brightness of LED Strips is to use a low voltage dimmer.

This dimmer fits between the output of the Power Supply (Transformer), and the input to the LED Strip or Strips.

There are a couple of low voltage dimmers available, one is a Remote Control Dimmer, the other is a Smartphone / Tablet Controlled Dimmer - Lightboxs

Another way which is the preferred method for some is to use a wall dimmer switch. To do this you will need to use one of our Triac Power Supply (Mains Dimmable Transformer) with an LED Compatible Dimmer.

We highly recommend the Varilight Dimmer Module, it is designed to replace a standard wall dimmer.

Our Mains Dimmable Transformers are compatible with:

  • Trailing / Leading Edge Dimmers
  • Varilight Dimmers
  • Lightwave RF LED Dimmers