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Ampbox for use with Lightbox (v3/v4)

Product Code: AmpB-16.1M

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Designed and Manufactured in Europe

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Product Description

The Ampbox (version 3) is designed to work in conjunction our Lightbox. If you have not seen our Lightbox before it is a tiny device measuring just 37mm square, it allows full control of our Mood Lighting LED Products over Bluetooth using your Smartphone or Tablet via a free App.

Used alone the Lightbox can run up to 144 watts of LED Lighting which is about 17 Meters of our Litewave Pro RGB LED Strip.

For customers that need to power a lot more than that the Ampbox should be used. The Ampbox is capable of handling 180 watts of our Light sources.

  • Opto-Isolation for safety and long distances

This is how it works, the Lightbox has 4 wires outputting +12vdc and Red, Green, and Blue, these are usually connected to our RGB Light Strip or other Mood Lighting Products, where more lights need to be powered these wires are still connected to some of the Light sources but a second set (wired in parallel) are taken and connected to the input of the Ampbox. The Ampbox then copies the signal and repeats it to additional light sources. This can be repeated as much as necessary for large installations where extensive amounts of lighting is needed to be controlled from a Smartphone or Tablet. Where necessary we can also offer a similar system that works via Infra-Red Remote or even Wi-Fi using Ipad or Iphone.

A recent example of where this product was put to use, was a staircase with 50 Meters of our Constant Current RGB LED Strip. One Lightbox with it's own 90w Power Supply (Transformer) was responsible for running 10 Meters of LED Strip, with 2 Ampboxes each on 150w Power Supplies powering 20 Meters of LED Strip. At the touch of the screen on a Smartphone or Tablet the colour can be changed or set to colour phase with all 50 Meters staying in synchronisation.

Both the Lightbox and Ampbox are extremely versatile, they can handle an input voltage of 12vdc or 24vdc.

It also lends itself to running dual voltage systems. For example you may want to run 12v LED Strip Lights on the Lightbox or WiFi Lightbox and 24v LED Strips Lightson another Ampbox. Ampbox make it possible due to their internal Galvanic Isolation. The system is modular and can be expanded as necessary allowing hundreds of metres of Strips to be controlled from just one controller and multiple Ampboxes.

Product Specification

Voltage Range12vdc/24vdc
Maximum Current4A per Channel (20A Total)
Number of Channels4: R, G, B, W
PowerUp to 480 of RGBW at 24vdc
Dimensions48mm x 40mm x 15mm
DurabilityNon Waterproof
CertificationsCE, RoHS