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Presence Detector - Parking Sensor (7-24vdc)

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Product Description

This sensor measures distance or an object nearby to switch LEDs on or off or change their colour. It can be used anywhere it is necessary to indicate with lights that a person or object is near to the sensor.

This makes it ideal for garages or indoor car parks. It can also be used to switch lights on in public spaces such as on stairs, passageways, anywhere object detection or avoidance is required.

The Parking Sensor indicates the distance between a vehicle and a wall making parking easier and safer. It is ideal for use in private and commercial garages.

Built in ultrasonic sensors are used to measure the distance between a vehicle and the surface to which the sensor box is mounted. The colour of the light source connected to the Sensor changes colour to inform the driver of the remaining distance.

When the vehicle approaches it automatically switches on the light source to display green, as the vehicle gets closer the light will change colour to blue and then to Red to indicate close proximity to the wall, finally if the vehicle is still moving the light will flash red to warn to warn that the vehicle is just a few centimetres away from the wall.

  • Green - Move forward safely
  • Blue - Move with caution
  • Red - Stop the vehicle
  • Flashing Red - Stop the car immediately or you will hit the wall.

The Parking Sensor is designed to be used with our RGB Light Sources such as our RGB Plinth Lights, RGB Modules, RGB Strip Lights - see the suggested items section below.

Additionally there is an output designed for integration with security systems.

Product Specification

Voltage7- 24vdc
Maximum Current8A (96w @ 12vdc)
Operating Temp.0-40 °C
Dimensions50mm x 40mm x 25mm
Additional OutputFor Security Systems
CertificationsCE, RoHS

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