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Superflux LED Modules (12vdc)

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Product Description

The Superflux LED Modules have 3 Superflux LEDs resin sealed into a plastic case making them suitable for use outdoors, or in wet environments. They are IP65 rated (Splashproof)and do not get hot as they are very energy efficient.

A chain of 20 Modules use just 3-7 watts depending on the LED Colour.

Superflux LEDs give a wide dispersion of light, about 120 degrees.

The Modules have no need for a resistor - it's all built into the case making them ready to connect to any 12v dc power supply.

They are supplied from the factory in a Daisy Chain of 20, the connecting wire between each module is 8cm, the wire can be extended to the length required for your installation. The Modules are very versatile and can be cut down to the amount required. We can supply them as single or multiple modules (pre-connected).

Ideal for:

  • Sign Lighting
  • Work Vans
  • Under Counters
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Ornament Cabinets
  • Bars
  • Stairs & Steps

Below: A sofa floating on light, the LEDs are only a few inches from the ground so the light from the LEDs creates pools of light on the floor. To create a continuous wash of colour you could site them futher from the floor or use SMD LED Modules which have a wider dispersion of light.

The LED Modules have mounting lugs pre-moulded into the casing making installation straight forward. For non-permanent installations double-sided adhesive pads can be used on the flat backs of the modules,

TIP: To calculate how many Modules you need to light an area measure the total length you intend to light up inMeters then divide the length by 158.

For example: if you wanted to light a handrail measuring 2.1 Meters you would divide 2100 by 158, this would give 13.29, round down to 13. So you would need 13 SMD Modules.

A 2A PSU will power up to 80 Modules in the Blue, Green, or White Colours and 40 Modules in the Red or Yellow Colours.

Product Specification

Dimensions(L)78mm x (W) 12mm x (H) 7mm
Power Requirements Per ModuleBlue - 0.24 Watts/20ma
Green - 0.24 Watts/20ma
White - 0.24 Watts/20ma
Red - 0.54 Watts/45ma
Yellow - 0.54 Watts/45ma
DurabilityIP65 (Splashproof)
CertificationsCE, RoHS

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