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LED Tile Lighting Kit - Colour Changeable

Product Code: DTLK

£112.50 inc VAT (£93.75 ex VAT)

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Kit Prices, a WiFi Controller will add £16 to the price:

1 Metre - £112.50
2 Metres - £145.50
3 Metres - £183.85
4 Metres - £213.80
5 Metres - £249.75
6 Metres - £290.50
7 Metres - £324.25
8 Metres - £378.00
9 Metres - £411.75
10 Metres - £435.50
11 Metres - £467.25
12 Metres - £499.00


Product Description

Anyone can buy a piece of cheap LED Strip and fix it onto a wall, but it will look cheap and tacky.

However to do it right so that it looks classy, such as you would find in the best hotels, involves a bit of forward thinking. To set a futuristic looking band of light into tiles you will need to use our Tile Profiles, these are designed to sit between a row of tiles, they can be placed vertically or horizontally. Within this profile the LED Strip is fixed into place, then the opaque cover is clipped into the profile which gives a finished appearance and also protect the LEDs from water and moisture in the air.

Any strip can be used, but again if you want to do it right and not have coloured or blank patches appear it is critital to use our Litewave Pro LED Strip. This will ensure a very long lifetime, this is due to our LED Strip using an additional 130 additional components per metre to regulate the current and voltage to the LEDs - these not found on inferior strips.

We are making the ordering process easy for you, just choose a pre-configured lighting kit size. Included with the kit will be the Aluminium Profiles (the LED Strip sits inside these), Plastic Profile cover, Litewave Professsional LED Strip, Colour Controller and Transformer.

Control of colours is via our Free App using your Smartphone or Tablet, can be networked with our other colour changing LEDs.

After receiving the order we will contact you to confirm the size of the room or lighting required so any adjustments can be made prior to us shipping the order to you.

For us inside shower enclosures or areas with a high level of water splashing we recommend using a bead of silicone along the slots of the Aluminium prior to fitting the cover, as this will form a gasket and give an added level of protection against water.

Product Specification

Kit TypeFor setting between Tiles
LED TypeEpistar
Strip TypeLitewave Pro 24vdc, 60 LEDs/M
Transformer Voltage240VAC stepped down to 24vdc
Colours16.7 Million including Whites / Warm White
Colour ControlVia Free App on Tablet or Phone
Warranty3 Years