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Single Colour Roof Lantern Lighting Kit, with Professional LED Strip and Transformer

Product Code: SC-RLLK

£77.00 inc VAT (£64.17 ex VAT)

Stock Level: In-Stock

Select Colour
Length x Width of Roof Lantern

Roof Lantern Size in Metres & Price with Transformer.

Note: We contact all customers after placing an order to confirm exact size before sending the order.

1M x 1M (4M Total Perimeter) £77.00
1M x 1.5M (5M Total Perimeter) £91.00
1.5M x 1.5M (6M Total Perimeter) £107.00
1M x 2M (6M Total Perimeter) £107.00
1M x 2.5M (7M Total Perimeter) £120.00
2M x 1.5M (7M Total Perimeter) £120.00
2M x 2M (8M Total Perimeter) £134.00
2M x 2.5M (9M Total Perimeter) £148.00
1.5M x 3M (9M Total Perimeter) £148.00
2.5M x 2.5M (10M Total Perimeter) £160.00
2.5M x 3M (11M Total Perimeter) £182.00
3M x 3M (12M Total Perimeter) £195.00
4M x 2M (12M Total Perimeter) £195.00
3M x 3.5M (13M Total Perimeter) £211.00
3.5M x 3.5M (14M Total Perimeter) £225.00
4M x 3M (14M Total Perimeter) £225.00
3.5M x 4M (15M Total Perimeter) £239.00
4M x 4M (16M Total Perimeter) £254.00

If your Roof Lantern size is not shown, please email or phone. We can cater for any Lantern size.

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Product Description

Our roof lantern lighting creates a beautiful ambient glow on the walls below any skylight. It is a proven product and has been sold to illuminate countless lanterns and skylights.

The system consists of high grade branded LEDs, and Constant Current Circuitry on our Litewave signature lighting strips to ensure the light remains bright and consistent along the length, with a very long lifetime. It should not be confused with alternatives on the market, the majority of which are designed with inferior circuitry consisting of just LEDs and Resistors, these canfade fast and develop patches.

Included with the kit is a Bluetooth or WiFi Controller of your choice which can display over 16.7 million different colours, simply choose the colour on the screen of your smartphone or tablet using our freely downloadable app.

Capable of displaying any visible colour including cool whites & warm whites

There are 17 different kits to choose from, each offering a different length and width to accommodate any size of Roof Lantern. The Kit consists of 4 our Professional Constant Current Signature Strip Lights with 1M leads pre-wired, the Lightbox Colour Controller, and appropriate Transformer to supply a safe voltage to the lights.

The Light Strips can be trimmed to fit your lantern, for example if your lantern is 2.4M x 1.5M, choose the 2.5M x 1.5M and simply trim the strip at the 2.4M section along the black line.

If you have a Roof Lantern size that is not shown, please call us and we can easily put together a bespoke order for you.

Mains Dimmable Option available, this will increase the price by £22 to £35 depending on the size of the Roof Lantern.

We include a schematic for every lighting kit, and free tech support should you or your electrician have any questions.

This system can be plugged into a socket or wired directly to a lighting circuit, you can even use a PIR (Motion Sensor) for automatic switching of the lights, see suggested products below.

Not all Roof Lanterns have a cornice or ledge to fit the lights. For an easy retrofit option we stock a purpose-made product. It is constructed of Aluminium and is primed ready for painting. It can easily be fixed to the wall below the roof lantern. The lighting strip simply sits in the ledge of the Aluminium with a clear protective cover. Frosted covers are also available to reduce reflections from glass.

Product Specification

Wiring TypeLight Switch
LED TypeSMD Triple Chip
Brightness per Metre400-450Lm (Displaying White)
Light Dispersion120-140 °
Current per Meter300ma
Power Draw per Meter~3.2 Watts
Mounting Width required10mm
Lifetime>50,000 hours
CertificationsCE, RoHS
IP RatingNone
Warranty3 Years

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