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Litewave Pro LED Wall Uplighting Kit - Colour Changeable

Product Code: LW-WULK

£353.32 inc VAT (£294.43 ex VAT)

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Length x Width of Room

Total Room size in Metres & Price with Bluetooth Controller. The Wi-Fi Controller adds £16 to the price automatically.

2M x 2M (8M Total Perimeter) £353.32
2M x 2.5M (9M Total Perimeter) £386.11
2.5M x 2.5M (10M Total Perimeter) £408.90
2.5M x 3M (11M Total Perimeter) £457.69
2.5M x 3.5M (12M Total Perimeter) £489.48
3M x 3.5M (13M Total Perimeter) £521.27
3M x 4M (14M Total Perimeter) £553.06
3.5M x 4M (15M Total Perimeter) £584.85
3.5M x 4.5M (16M Total Perimeter) £616.64
3.5M x 5M (17M Total Perimeter) £658.43
4M x 4.5M (18M Total Perimeter) £690.22
4M x 5.5M (19M Total Perimeter) £722.01
5M x 5.5M (20M Total Perimeter) £753.80
5.5M x 5.5M (21M Total Perimeter) £792.59
5.5M x 6M (22M Total Perimeter) £823.38
5.5M x 6M (23M Total Perimeter) £854.17
6M x 6M (24M Total Perimeter) £884.96

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Product Description

We have put together this kit to simplify LED Wall Uplighting . It includes both our Litewave® Professional LED Strip, and the Aluminium Profiles in which the LED Strips are housed.

Displays any visible colour including White, Warm White, and Pastels, with brightness control.

The profile includes a clear cover to protect the LEDs from dust and grease (Kitchens), also included is an LED Driver (Power Supply Unit), and a Colour Controller.

There is a drop down list of Kits. To prevent the list from being pages long, we have kept to the most common sizes, but we can go to virtually any length required.

The advantage of our system is it is designed for a very long lifetime using the correct way of on-board Constant Current Drive. Other strips just cannot provide the reliability as they only use Resistors which just won't protect the LEDs enough to ensure a long lifetime. Our Strips are run at their optimum brightness and produce an even brightness and colour. Many Strips from elsewhere have to have increased resistor values resulting in inferior light.

The LED Strips have trimming points at 10cm (4 Inch) intervals.

This Aluminium Profile can easily be cut to length by hacksaw or a chop saw with a suitable cutting blade. The Polycarbonate Cover should be cut carefully with a fine toothed junior hacksaw.

This profile is supplied in a Matt White enamel, ready for painting in the colour of your choice once installed. You can use either Emulsion wall / ceiling paint, satin or gloss.


  • Litewave® Pro Strip Lights with On-board Constant Current Drivers for high brightness, consistency, and very long lifetime
  • Aluminium Wall Uplight Channels with Clear Covers, and Retaining Clips
  • Colour Controller (App based)
  • High quality LED Driver, designed to be wired into a lighting circuit using a standard Light Switch.

Controlled via APP which is freely downloadable for Android and iOS.

Our Wi-Fi Version is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, uses a freely downloadable App for use on Android, iOS, & Windows.

The system is compatible with Lutron, Crestron, LightWave RF, switches and controls.

Product Specification

Wiring TypeSocket or Light Switch
LED TypeSMD Triple Chip
DriveOn-Board Constant Current Drive
Brightness per Metre350Lm (when displaying White)
Current per Meter650-700ma
Power Draw per Meter~8.4 Watts
Mounting Width required10-25mm
Lifetime>50,000 hours
CertificationsCE, RoHS
IP RatingNone (Waterproof available to order)
Warranty3 Years

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