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ICELED UFO (v2) LED Ground Lighting Kit

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Product Description

The ICELED UFO Ground / Under Car Lighting Kit is the ultimate L.E.D Kit for those that demand the best. The system can produce over 2 million digitally controlled colours from the bank of 252 RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) Triple Chip SMD LEDs, in total there are 756 LED emitters! Each LED gives a light dispersion of 120 degrees, most LED kits on the market use 30 degree LEDs.

There are also extra Colour Changing Light Sources that will plug directly into the UFO Controller such as the ICELED Tubes, ICELED Scanners, ICELED CoolFusion. They are ideal for wheel wells, boots, footwells, sub boxes etc. They can follow the main colour settings, can be used as "stand alones", or tied in with the ZAP or ZEN Controllers. The whole system can even be expanded with Extension Kits for use on larger vehicles, see "related products" below.

This Diagram shows just 2 ways in which the system can be expanded

The system has been designed and is manufactured in the U.K to high specifications and is thoroughly tested before being released from the factory.

Below is a video showing Version 2 UFO Kit. The Video was produced by Special Media Projects, it is a Ford Focus Demonstrator car supplied to the Fire Safety Service. The car is used at Schools to encourage safe driving. Warning the video contains strobing effects.

The ICELED UFO consists of 4 LED Tubes, Electronic Controller (ECU), and an Infra Red Remote control. Using the remote the system can be operated from inside or outside of the vehicle.

Unlike other multi coloured kits available on the market the UFO has the ability not only to produce over 2 million colours but to animate them. Each of the 252 LEDs can scan and change colour to any of the 11 programs allowing multiple colours to be used at once. This allows subtle or striking animated patterns to be created, the effects can cycle alone or work with your sound system through the built-in adjustable microphone or line level input.

Each of the programs can be tailored to use your own choice of colours, they can be bright and vivid or more sublime pastel shades.

Single colours can still be projected but if you choose you can change them at will. There is also a 100% street legal mode which consists of the appropriate colours shown on the car - white at the front, red at the back, and amber at the sides.

The wide angle LEDs are placed closeley together in the tubes which produces a bright colour wash with no dots or hotspots.

The system is "plug & play" making it very easy for even a novice to install.

The tubes are very rugged and fully waterproof.


The System includes everything required, 2 × 4ft 8" Tubes, 2 × 3ft 6" Tubes, Wiring, ECU, Remote Control, Infra Receiver & Display, Clips & Screws, Full Instructions.

Click here for more information on the UFO Kit

Probably the best Vehicle Lighting Kit in the World.

For larger vehicles we offer the extension kits below. The Extension Kit includes a pair of additional Tubes & Controller to add the amount shown onto the 4Ft 8" Side Tubes.

Backed with full Warranty and free Technical support.

Product Specification


  • 2,097,152 Colours
  • Infra-Red Remote Controlled
  • 10 Mode Pattern Templates & Lightning Strobe Mode
  • Street Legal Mode (0) Displays White at Front, Amber at sides, and Red at Rear of vehicle.
  • Adjustable Colour Palettes and Range for all pattersns and Lightning Strobe
  • Sound Response via built-in Mircrophone or Stereo Line-in
  • Door Switch for automatic activation /courtesy lights
  • 2 × 4Ft 8" Tubes & 2 × 3Ft 6" Tubes
  • Expandable with additional Tubes
  • Networkable with other ICELED light sources & controllers
  • Electronic protection
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Simple three-wire interface
  • Designed & Manufactured in the U.K

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