LED Wall Uplighting

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Paul B. was reviving a dingy basement into a modern TV Lounge.  He had a requirement for high quality wall uplights to enhance the ambience of the room.

We suggested using our Aluminium Wall Uplight with our Professional LED Strip.  It resembles traditional cornice or coving but has a specially designed ledge to sit the LED Strips so they cannot be seen from eye level.  The source of light should be concealed in order not to spoil the effect of the reflected glow on the walls and ceiling.  Available as an LED Perimeter Lighting Kit without the previously mentioned Coving Profiles, and as an LED Wall Uplighting Kit with the Coving Profiles.

Lounge with Mood Lighting LEDs set into Aluminium CovingMood Lighting in lounge / TV roomAmbient Lighting in lounge

We supplied our 30 LED/per Metre Litewave Professional LED Strips cut and wired to fit around the perimeter of the room.  Our professional Strip has an array of triodes as well as resistors to protect the LEDs, this is vital for reliability and a long lifetime.  Compared with other strips our professional strips have the added advantage of being more consistent along the length with stronger colours and a cleaner projection of light with less rainbowing and artifacts associated with cheap strips.

Control is via Smartphone or Tablet using our Lightbox controller, it has bluetooth connectivity directly to the controlling device.  The Lightbox can display over 16.7million colours meaning you can choose from white and warm whites as well as any other colour from the visible spectrum.  Should you want to control the lights from a greater range we can also supply the Wi-Fi Lightbox, it has the added advantage of being able to synchronise with other Wi-Fi Lightboxes.  For example, you could have our Colour Changing Fibre Optic lights on the decking, and Colour changing 3w Spotlights highlighting shrubs, the Wi-Fi Lightboxes can keep them linked so the colours change at the same time.

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