Wall Uplighting

Thu, 09 Feb 2017

LED Wall Uplighter Profile

Wall Uplighting is much more affordable by using our Aluminium Wall Uplight Profile, it is pre-shaped with a protective cover specifically designed for LED Strip, with a space behind the channel to accomodate the wire to the Strip.

By using this channel it could potentially save you hundreds of pounds in labour. For an installation of this kind where long term reliability is a must we highly recommend using the best LED Strip available, in our Professional Range of LED Strips we can supply either our Single Colour Constant Current LED Strip or Colour Changeable Constant Current LED Strip. If you have a limited budget we can offer our Standard LED Strip.

We can also save you on installation time and costs by offering our FREE made-to-measure service.

Below are a few pictures sent to us from a very happy customer. He converted a dark, outdated basement into a very comfortable TV Room, the pelmet lighting colour can be changed at the touch of a button. As you can see warm white is also possible from our RGB Strip using a high quality controller such as our Lightbox or ZEN.


LED Profile - Wall Uplighter with LED Strip Aluminium Wall Uplighter with LED Strip