LED Strips - What you should know

Replacing LED Strip in a large room is not as fast or easy as replacing a Lightbulb, this is why it is VITAL to choose the correct LED Strip from the beginning.

There are 2 ways of powering LEDs on Flexible Strips

Constant Voltage LED Strips

The first and cheapest is Constant Voltage, most of the LED Strips currently being sold around the world use Constant Voltage to regulate the voltage to the LEDs, this method is cheap and simple but will cause the LEDs to fail fairly quickly. 

LEDs have a specific forward voltage and operating current, Resistors alone are not enough to ensure that those parameters are met. Most LED Strips only have resistors on the circuit board, and as a result the LEDs can quickly begin to dim and eventually fail.  This will happen with single colour strip, and with colour changeable (RGB) Strip the LEDs can lose colours.  The useful lifetime of a good quality Constant Voltage (Standard) LED Strip should be around 20,000-30,000 hours (2-3 Years).

For use in homes and commercial buildings it is false economy to pay for an LED Strip to be installed that will quickly begin to decay.

Constant Current LED Strips

The second way of powering the LEDs used on Flexible LED Strips is Constant Current, this is the best method which ensures the LEDs have an even supply of voltage and current, it greatly enhances the lifetime of the LEDs without early patches or fading.  Constant Current is the Electronics Engineering way, the right way of powering LEDs, it employs the use of Transistors to ensure the voltage and current are kept below the maximum tolerance of the LED.  This also greatly improves the eveness of light along the lengths of the Strip.  Compared to Constant Voltage Strip our Constant Current Strips look more even lit, with no patchy light.

The minimum lifetime of Constant Current LED Strip is 50,000 hours (5-6 Years).


Proof of what will happen to poor quality Strip:

The pictures below are of a multi multi million pound property.  Unfortunately it seems a rather low quality LED Strip has been used.

This will not happen with our LED Strips.

Another strip showing the early signs of LED fatigue in a different part of the same building.

Another exampe of Warm White LED Strips.  The LEDs have faded in patches.

If you want the high quality LED Strip that will last for many years ahead then the only option is our branded Professional Grade Constant Current LED Strip with on-board voltage and current regulation using Constant Current Electronics from Litewave.

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