Interior LED Lighting for work vans

Mon, 22 Jan 2018

Most vans leave the factory with woefully inadequate lighting.  In this modern age a van should be brightly illuminated inside.  Nobody should be struggling with a dim lightbulb that looks like a candle.

We have addressed this issue with a bright LED Lighting System that can be installed in any van.

LED Van Lighting - size of LED Tube. /LED Van Lighting - Inside of Work Van
LED Van Lighting - Rear of Work Van LED Van Lighting - Side of Work Van.jpg

There are already some van lighting kits on the market.  These have some inherent design flaws, the major one being they are only designed to handle 12 volts, not the 14.4 volts present from  the vehicle's charging system, this can shorten their lifetime and result in led failures and premature dimming.

Like any other tools, you get what you pay for!

Our LED Van Lighting Systems are of very high quality and designed to meet the following criteria:

  • Bright - produces around 200 Watts of Halogen equivalent light, making it safe and easy to see inside the van

  • Energy Efficient - draws just 22 Watts for 2 Metres.  On an 80 Amp Hour battery it would take around 48 hours to completely flatten the battery

  • Low glare - the LED circuit is encased in a milky Silicone that diffusers the light

  • No dots - the 240 LEDs are so close together underneath the diffuser the light is continuous, with minmal shadows

  • Wide voltage range - operates at the same brightness from 8-15vdc.

  • Long lifetime - Constant Current Circuitry built into the product, not found on cheap products

  • Flexible - can follow the contour of the van, on the vertical plane (convex & concave)

  • Splashproof & Durable - the Silicone encasing the LEDs makes it weatherproof and also enables the product to be bumped without damage

  • Safe - low voltage, with no glass to break

  • Can be trimmed - cutting points every 25mm (1 Inch)

The system includes a 2 Metre length of Half Round LED Tube, 1 Metre Double Insulated Cable, Fitting Clips, and End Cap (to reseal trimmed length), and fitting guide.

Available in White (5000k) and Warm White (3500k).  Includes a 3 Year warranty.