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If you want reliable LED Strips

Fri, 07 Sep 2018

The majority of LED Strips will begin to fade after 1000 hours, this won't be noticeable until a year or two later, when your warranty has expired. This is because LEDs with just Resistors to protect them is not good enough to ensure a long lifetime. Time and again we hear the same story from people coming to us after having experienced problems with their LED Strip Lights.
Our Professional LED Strips are designed to last.  By using Constant Current Electronics, the voltage and current to each LEDs is carefully regulated, this ensures their is minimal stress being placed upon the LEDs. 
In light decay tests our Professional Strips have out performed competitors Strips from Europe to Asia. With our strip you can expect a useable 50,000+ hour lifetime. 
The photos below have kindly been sent to us by a long standing customer. We kept the first on file after our customer emailed it to us. We recently requested another photo to confirm how well the strip is performing.
The LED Strip pictured on the stairs has been used every night for 3 years.  The photos have been taken with different cameras, the later picture using a new camera.  So difference of camera (and settings) aside the photos clearly show the brightness has not changed after 3 years of use. This is because it has additional electronics to prolong the lifetime of the LED Strip which cannot be found on most strips sold elsewhere. So buy from us if you want the best!
High quality LED Strip on stair case just after fittingHigh quality LED Strip on stair case after 3 years - very little change to brightness
The pictures below clearly illustrates what will happen with LED Strip if it does not have advanced electronics.