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How some of our LED Products are manufactured

Tue, 24 Jul 2012

For those of you that are interested in how some of our LED Products are made, we have put together this page with photos and descriptions of the main production and testing of LED products.

SMD Sorting & Taping SMD Die & Wire Bonding
SMD LED Sorting and Taping SMD LED Die and Wire Bonding
LED Die & Wire Bonding Automatic Double-Orbit Encapsulation
LED Die and Wire Bonding Automatic Double Orbit Encapsulation
Lamp Sorting SMD Moulding
The LED Components and are populated onto the pcb by a pick and place robotic arm. They come out of the other side soldered. Tens of thousands of components can be placed in a single hour.
Below, from left to right: Viewing Angle Testing, LED Reliability Testing, Thermal Shock Testing
Below, from left to right: Spectral (colour) Measurement, Spray Salt Testing, Temperature & Humidity Testing.
We hope this provides you with an insight into how some of our products are made such as the LED Tape and LED Modules.