Glow Wire - How to fit

Glow Wire can be fitted temporarily or permanently.

0Most of our customers decide to install the Glow Wire permanently when they have seen it illuminated in the dark.

We have listed several methods with pros and cons for securing the Glow Wire below.

Transparent Tape - Sellotape, Scotchtape etc. Ideal for testing for the best location.

Pros: Easily removed.

Cons: Can look untidy.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape - Apply the tape and press the Glow Wire up against it.

Pros: Easily removed.

Cons: Can look untidy.


Superglue* - Best for permanent installation in terms of appearance. Only small amounts of glue are needed to secure the Glow Wire in place. Great for intricate designs. Looks tidy if done carefully. Superglue can leave residue. Some Superglues are now available witth remover.  NOTE: Should you ever need to remove the Glow Wire in the future it may not be possible to fully remove the residue left by the Superglue, consider this before you fix it to the surface.

Pros: Professional appearance if installed cleanly

Cons: Usually Permanent

Self Adhesive Cable Clips - Easy to fit and remove, run the glow wire between the clips and press the clips together.

Pros: Can be removed.

Cons: Can look untidy.

Hot Glue - Allows permanent istallation, allows removal without damage to most surfaces. Do not use on materials like Alcantara or Suede.

Pros: Professional appearance if installed cleanly

Cons: Can peel from some materials

Permanent wiring of Glow Wire

If connecting to 12V to a vehicle it is very important that the Black wire (negative) is connected to the negative on your vehicle, and the Red wire (positive) is connected to positive. If they are connected incorrectly the inverter will be damaged. An inline switch should be positioned along the Red (positive) wire. A FUSE MUST BE FITTED TO THE + WIRE AS NEAR TO THE BATTERY AS POSSIBLE. Any car electrician would be able to do this, if needed.

The 12v wire to the inverter can be extended with additional 12v wire, make sure you keep the polarity the same, i.e red to red and black to black. The wire to the Glow Wire can also be extended, this is non polarized meaning it does not have a positive or negative.

If you need to cut the Glow Wire - the end should be sealed with heat shrink tube

Offcuts of Glow Wire can be reconnected.

One inverter can power several lengths of Glow Wire, simply wire in parallel.