Colour Changing (RGB) LED Spotlights - Wiring Schematics

The Mains Power Supply converts the voltage into a safe low voltage of 12vdc which the RGB Spotlight and controllers run from.

Full instructions will be included with the RGB Spotlights.

Below: Connection of the RGB Spotlight to the Flexidriver and Power Supply.

RGB Spotlight, Flexi Driver, and Power Supply

Below: A ZAP+ Controller is added for more control options.

 RGB SPotlight, ZAP Controller, and Flexi Driver

Below: A more complicated system using the ZEN Controller, this will give wireless control and control over separate Zones, a Flexidriver will be required per Zone if you want different Zones showing different colours at the same time.

RGB Spotlight, ZEN, Flexi Driver, and Power Supply

To power several RGB Spotlights you will need to wire them in parallel. Connect all wires together into a large terminal block (approx 30A) and run a 4-core cable rated for the total load to the output of the Flexidriver.


RGB LED Spotlights wired in parallel to Flexi Driver