Colour Changing LED Strip - Wiring to a ZEN Controller (1 ZONE)

Our Colour Changeable LED Strip can be controlled in a variety of ways, we can control any amount of LED Strip you need from a few centimetres to hundreds of metres, safely!  We can also control other mood lighting products such as our RGB Spotlights from the same system.

The ZEN Controller, is designed and manufactured in the U.K to high specifications.  It has proved itself to be a very reliable system since the first version was released in 2005, we are currently on version 8.  The ZEN provides wireless control over separate Zones of the RGB LED Strip. A Flexidriver will be required per Zone if you want different Zones showing different colours at the same time.

Below is a basic guide for a 1 Zone system.


ZEN Control of RGB LED Strip 1 ZONE