Colour Changing LED Mood Lighting Systems

Unlike many Colour Changing LED Lights on the market which are just 7 colours, our Colour Changing Mood Lighting Systems are 2.1 Million Colours in the case of our ICELED Controllers, and 16.7Million Colours for our Lightbox Controllers.

Both Control systems are operated from a single wireles sdevice such as remote, smartphone or tablet.  We specialise in any installation size from lighting a few shelves or alcoves to illuminating your ceiling coffers, drop ceilings, atriums etc with products such as our Constant Current LED Strip - renowned for it's high reliability.  Virtually any size of lighting requirement is no problem for us, to date our largest system is 1200 Metres of LED Strip Lighting, all controlled from just one controller.  We can also network different colour changeable priducts such as our RGB Spotlights, Plinth Lights, Fibre Optics,and RGB Modules so they change colour together or in wave-like sequence from one zone to another.

RGB Stands for Red, Green, and Blue - the primary colours required to make virtually any colour of the visible spectrum.  By varying the levels of each of these colours millions of colour combinations are possible including vivid colours and more subtle pastel colours such as white with a hint of blue, or orange, even warm white.

Our Mood Lighting Products are Modular which means you can start off with a couple of light sources and expand them as and when required.

The light sources such as RGB LED Tape, RGB Modules, and RGB Spotlights need to be used with the Flexi Driver which enables the vast colour range or a Lightbox which facilitates control from the screen of a phone or tablet.  The Flexi Driver can be used on it's own or with an additional controller.  Used on it's own it has the following Colours and Colour Freeze Modes built-in.

Colour Changing Phases of LED Light Sources

Phase Description
A Rapid fade-up to peak intensity white following the connection to the power source
B Hold on peak white
C Gentle transition from peak white to the colour change phase
D Colour phasing - cycles seamlessly through the visible spectrum until power disconnected


When Wireless Control is needed the ZEN with Infra Red Remote and Remote Eye is the best option.  The ZEN allows full control over Brightness, Hue, and Saturation of colours.  The Range of colours can be limited or extended to unlimited or a percentage between, those colours in the range can be editted by using the Colour Pallet.

Colour Changing LED Controller Made in U.K

The ZEN has 4 Zones, you can use 1, 2, 3, or all 4 Zones.  You only need extra Zones if you want separate control over different areas.  For example you could have the RGB LED Tape used to uplight the ceiling around it's border changing colour independently from the Fiber Optics in the Ceiling and the RGB Spotlights illuminating your flower arrangement on separate shelving. Alternatively they could all be set to change colour at the same time. The ZEN Controller gives you full control over each Zone, you can choose the amount of colours that will be displayed and edit those colours in the Palette. Colours can be Vivid by increasing the Hue and Saturation or Lightened to create a more pastel colour. Hundreds of different shades of white are available such as a very pale white with a tint of blue or red, simply reduce the blue to create a warm white colour.  By taking advantage of the number of modes available you can set each mode as a different lighting scene allowing an instant display of preset colours to be display by selecting Modes 1 to 9.

ZEN Controlling Litewave RGB LED Strip and RGB LED Tape

A static Mode can be used allowing you to set the LEDs to a fixed colour, or if the mood takes you you can change the Mode to a phasing setting which will create a colour sweep which you can set at the desired speed - from a very slow colour change which could take an hour or so to display all the colours or a quicker phase which could take just seconds to display all the colours.

Although the ZEN Controller has preset colours and speeds which you can manually edit if required, it is easy to control from the start, just set the Mode you want.  There are Modes from 0 to 9 and a Lightning Mode for fast Strobing effects. If you want to tailor the colours to your specific needs you can edit the settings and if you mess them up you can easily reset the system.

If you are having a party or an event you could make use of the Audio response feature of the ZEN Controller by pressing the speaker button on the remote control. The ZEN has a built in microphone and 3.5mm Line-In Socket which enables it to respond to sounds and music and Modes that are enabled for that feature. The ZEN responds accurately at low audio levels when using the Audio Line-In, this can be from an MP3 Player or Hi-Fi, a simple cable is required which we can supply. The ZEN and other RGB Lighting products are all 12vdc so can be powered from a vehicle battery (via the appropriate fuse) or Power Supply (Transfomer) if you are running them in a home, shop or other commerical premises. The beauty of our RGB Products is they are constantly being expanded and new features and upgrades are being added to the controllers so they are never out of date.

For basic easy-to-use control over Colours, Speed, and Sound-to-Light Response, a ZAP Controller can be added to the system, the 2 Buttons on the wired remote control the Modes and the setting within each mode.