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Cabinet Lights - No wiring necessary

Tue, 25 Sep 2018

The latest addition to our range of products, this small cabinet light is designed to clip onto the hinge used on the majority of kitchen cabinets.  There are 3 small LED Chips fitted to the Hinge Light which effectively illuminate the cabinet to which it is fitted.

Kitchen Cabinet illuminated with hinge lightHinge light fitted to hinge

The Cabinet Hinge Light has a small replaceable 12v battery built into it for power.  When the cabinet door is opened the light will switch on automatically and remain on unti the door is closed.

Dimenisions of hinge lightHinge Light labeled

Fitting the light to the hinge is easy, and takes no more than s few minutes.  See our fitting guide for the Hinge Lights.

The Cabinet Hinge Light is just £3.95 for 1 Light with battery included, or buy a set of 10 Lights with batteries for £29.00.