Bathroom with a Star Ceiling

Julie M has a B&B (Lipton Farm) and wanted a bathroom with a Fibre Optic Star Ceiling for her guests. 

Due to it being a loft conversion there is no space above the sloping ceiling to bring the fibre optic strands through, to get around this potential problem a secondary surface is used to achieve the star effect

They have installed our Single Colour Fibre Optic Kit in warm white, including a long 6M harness with 120 individual Fibres.  We can offer several different lengths of Fibre Optics from 3 Metres to 6 Metres in length.  Our projectors are designed for a long lifetime of 40,000 hours, proven in the field since 2010.

Getting ready to drill holes in ceiling panel for Star CeilingFibre Optics through ceiling panel before cutting

Optical Fibres through panel ready to trim

Star Ceiling in Bathroom