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Add a Wall switch anywhere without wires

Thu, 01 Nov 2018

InBox - Control Mains devices without wires

Now it is possible to add a Mains switch without chasing walls to run new cables!

By using InBox a wireless link can be created to any of our Home Automation devices such as the WLightbox, Dimmerbox, Switchbox, Shutter box etc.

The InBox operates from a 3v Battery which should last around 5 years before needing to be replaced.  The low voltage makes the switch ideal for use in areas where a mains switch would otherwise be dangerous such as bathrooms and pool areas.

4 Mains devices can be controlled from 4 separate switches.

Prices at a competitive price of just £39 including VAT.  5 Year Warranty.

Smart home - Control Lights | Pumps | Heating | Fans without running cables

InBox - Fit a Mains switch without chasing walls to run new cables


Diagram showing how  upto 4 devices can be controlled by 4 different switches